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A Short Introduction

Formed after the 1997 General Election, our first phase was to heal divisions between anti-federalists. This led to UKIP and Referendum Party supporters (and many neutrals) combining forces to achieve a breakthrough, with the first European Parliament seats in 1999.

We have since been campaigning as a flexible, non-party political network to make the public aware as to the real nature of the EU project. We make the case for 'Life After EU' - the restoration of democracy, with our country and people free to choose its destiny.

To this end, we have researched EU developments and published some interesting material. We have held topical public meetings and used targeted mailshots to get our message across to a wider audience, including tomorrow's opinion-formers.

Working in this type of friendly co-operation is refreshingly free of 'ego' - the satisfaction is in being able to do our bit to set Britain free, as the unwanted Euro-state starts to collapse.

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