New Labour, No Britain Defuse Blair's Time-Bomb under Parliament


Phoney Blair & New Labour spent millions promoting the Euro. They have now put the 'EU dimension' in policy making into every part of Government

(Cabinet Office, 18.10.99)

The only way to expose and maybe stop the Government is to use the media. From 1998 we have done this, with continuing success. (For example, Blair's popularity has fallen 25%, Prescott's 33%). With key areas under threat from the EU and 'Cool Britannia', we need to do even more. You can help us make a difference.

DEFENCE The EU wants defence procurement Europeanised, threatening our industries. The Rapid Reaction force is an embryo EU army and the Government won't rule out its use in Britain. New Labour might agree to further integration "to save money". We need to get through to military experts and retired military people and get them to speak out.

POLICING An EU police force, Europol, already has powers to operate in Britain. and the EU wants its own criminal law system. Traditional safeguards to our liberties, like Trial By Jury are set to be axed and the EU will consider 'supplementary electronic passports'. It's a big step towards being part of a police state. Action needed - similar to Defence, also to get civil liberties groups to act

TAXES The EU wants to set our taxes at an EU level, adding VAT to food, fares, housing and children's clothing - hitting the less well off. Our taxes would increasingly be paid to Brussels, where the EU would say how they're spent! Test cases already give the EU powers. Success to date shows massive scope for getting through to financial journalists, specialist/industry groups and the public.

REGIONS A step towards the break-up of the UK and England in particular, while Jack Straw insults the English. A channel for EU "funding" and control that cuts the Government out of the loop. We have growing research files and local contacts, but need to monitor and publicise at local level.

DEMOCRACY Our website and leaflets give proof that the EU cannot be reformed and show how Britain can break free; outlining alternatives for agriculture, defence, trade and self-government. This eternal message will become even more vital as the EU pushes for constitutional change, and we are committed to getting it through to opinion formers in politics, professions, media; also celebrities.

We have brought people together from different anti-EU groups to tackle the bigger challenges and pioneer new approaches. Our network of campaigners has built a pool of experience, expertise and contacts - not any sort of empire, but a "commonwealth" for the wider anti-EU movement. We don't care who "fires the bullets", so long as they hit the target. A success for any of us is success for all of us, and builds the foundation for elections.

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