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EU Referendum: 23 June 2016
Your country needs you!

Bright prospects outside the EU

A once in a lifetime chance to gain a free Britain outside the EU.
Please do whatever you can to secure a Leave vote

As a global trading nation

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                 Referendum resources
Our Referendum Q&A guide (PDF)
short and fuller answers, references
'Out facts' website. V readable (ex Facts4EU)
Gerard Batten MEP's Q&A (v4, PDF)
BBC Reality Check
The definitive Brexit plan (summary)
Flexcit - The Market Solution (PDF)
Flexcit (the full version, PDF)
Over 400 pages of issues in detail
Emergency Exit (PDF)
Another Brexit approach
Bruges Group leaflets
National news headlines
UKIP Daily (independent)
News analysis in depth

General resources
Keeping trade Democratic case for EU withdrawal Life after EU
EU legal ratchet Legal case against 'renegotiation' Renegotiation Q&A
Main content EU 'constitutional' order International treaty law
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